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TTProtector or TTP (Tuning Tool Protected LTD) was born in 2020 and made its first appearance in 2021 with TTP-01 for the Autotuner tool.
The idea came after several years of use of tuning and diagnostic tools that were handled in different environments and got beaten up by time. With the personal experience of tuning and diagnostics, we realise we need to protect our valuable tools better so we put the ball in the roll and designed TTP-01 for Autotuner and TTP-02 for KessV2. We also intend to put TTP-03 who is ready design wise (Cmd, Abrites,FGtech) on the market before the end of 2021 and TTP-04,05,06 in 2022. (BFlash, Flex, TBA*)
All of our protection cases are made of silicone and have excellent protection characteristics with a snug fit and appealing design.
If you have any requests for custom protection cases for your tuning or diagnostic tools let us know, we design and produce high quality products for your high demand.
“We got you covered”
*TBA - To be announced